Monday, February 3, 2014


Thunder do There are many things in this world that very arrive at me going. The oneness thing that excites me intimately is a well thunder surprise! Watching a squeeze roll in from a distance is an awed thing, never knowing what the combat will do from one min to the next. It was a dense day in whitethorn around 7pm, when I hear the low rumbling of a fall upon feeler in. I riotously ran outside with my camera and franticly looked in all directions to wait on where the storm was. I cursorilyly snapped my head to the East and byword the snowy gray-haired clouds. The clouds were big and fluffy and had some temper inside them, secure waiting to unleash its mass final stage onto the earth. The bulky storm came closer and closer. The grey clouds rolled all over themselves, like waves advance in to shore. The leash pushed the clouds in and the storm was getting closer. As I stood there and watched I got a breeze of the chilled air of the storm. The air smelt like rain. The turn of events started to pick up a little now and the storm was moving in, meteoric and quicker. As I ran to the clearing crossways the street I could see the wall of rain coming in fast. As the rain came in faster and faster I turned and ran. I got to the house as quick as I could. Just as I reached the discernible movement step the loud crack of lighting smashing into the soil startled me. Missing the first step, IIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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